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By: Rosan Bosch

Rosan Bosch Studio has developed an interior design for the common area at VIA University Campus Viborg, which adds colour and shape to the school’s ambition to offer students a campus environment that doubles up as both a social meeting place and a motivating learning environment, by incorporating differentiated activities catering to the needs of all four educational programmes. The new design makes spaces for learning, improves the social setting and leverages informal knowledge sharing across educational departments. Rosan Bosch Studio’s design incorporates the physical room in the communication of the four educational programmes’ identities and utilizes the room as a tool to leverage interdepartmental socialization and new ways of learning in differentiated learning environments, based around customized furniture and graphic design. The new interior design breaks the flow through the room with small islands and lands of colour, shape and graphical design, thereby creating small distinct areas in the landscape, offering students and employees a variety of use for educational, social and other purposes. Customized compositions make room for activities such as lunch breaks, socialization, dialogue and debate in the areas Kingdom of Islands, Play and The Waves, and concentration and study, group work, presentations and academic knowledge sharing in the areas The Secret Garden and The Deep. All areas can be utilized by teachers and students in relation to breaks between classes, at the end of the academic day or for bigger functions and parties. A distinct graphic identity has been designed for each of the educational programmes, based on distinct core qualities and characteristics. The graphic identities have been incorporated into the design of the common areas in both the wallpaper and the colours and shapes of the two sitting islands. The design combines all four identities into one common expression in an inspiring and diverse milieu, acting as the heart of Campus Viborg. Also read about Rosan Bosch Studios design of the creative learning environment at Vittra Telefonplan in Stockholm here.

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