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Campus Gentofte

By: Rosan Bosch

What is the best place for a motivating study environment? The basement, of course! At Campus Gentofte, the most unlikely of places has been turned into the most inspiring area for teachers and students. Is going to school really that boring? With colourful wall-graphics, custom designed furniture and differentiated areas for learning and teaching Rosan Bosch Studio has in the basement of Campus Gentofte created a new for teaching and social interaction that gives who are tired of school the joy of school and motivation for learning back. Campus Gentofte is an area with different educations for young people who for one reason or the other haven’t taken the straight path from public school to further education. Young people who in many cases need a bit of extra motivation to complete an education. An extra effort has therefore been made to create an environment that motivates and inspires the students and which makes Campus Gentofte a place you as student feel like being at. The new area consists of a wide hall with adjacent classrooms in the basement of one of Campus Gentofte’s main buildings. Here, one of the small classrooms has been opened up, thus creating a new entrance at the back of the building, which gives a more direct access for all to the hall area. Here, the students can relax and study in new inspiring surroundings, for example by a colourful high table, on a podium with a large sofa arrangement or in the study booths along the wall where it is possible to study either sitting, standing or lying down. Strong colours and graphic wall design give the place its own unique identity and make it a place that appeals to the students and motivates them to partake actively in their study environment. Likewise, the area gives the teachers a new setting to try different teaching methods and initiatives. By using design as a tool for new means of teaching and interacting, Rosan Bosch Studio has created a common learning environment that is both appealing and motivating. Here, teachers can come up with new ideas and solutions and test new teaching methods, and the students can study and interact in a motivating and inspiring setting.

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