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By: Rosan Bosch

Climbing walls, a parkour facility and manmade climbing trees. In the activity park by Skåde School in the Danish city of Århus, children of all ages can play, move and give their imagination free reins. The park combines play, physical activity and recreation, and as a unique feature the facility focuses especially on activity options aimed at older children and girls. With an emphasis on play and physical activity Rosan Bosch has created an innovative activity park by Skåde School in the Danish city of Århus. The park offers a wide range of activity options and gives children of all ages active play opportunities. The park combines play, sports and imagination and offers a wide range of challenging facilities for physical activity. There is a special focus on options that appeal to girls and older children and on areas for socializing. The idea behind the project was to create a multi-purpose area that is not only suitable for soccer but also for other types of physical activity. Thus, the entire area is tied together into one coherent space, and in the encounter of functions new forms of physical activity and social interactions emerge. The park includes climbing walls, challenging cubes for climbing and hiding and recreational areas for socializing. The Activity Park by Skåde School is a meeting place for a wide range of physical activities with room for everyone, regardless of age and gender. As a natural place to meet and spend time, it has become a new meeting place for old and young alike.

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