North Park Elementary School

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North Park Elementary School

By: cuningham

Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Leadership at North Park Elementary School desired a more progressive approach to learning and engaged Cuningham Group to assess the spaces within the traditional 1960s-era school building and begin developing and co-designing with the staff new 21st Century classrooms. The project began with a consolidation of four traditional second grade classrooms into a space previously occupied by a poorly utilized media center. After thoughtful programming discussions, the space was repurposed to support approximately 85-90 second graders and four teachers. With a focus on adaptable learning environments and technology, walls were replaced with windows and desks were removed. This redefinition of the traditional classroom allows instructors to act as facilitators that empower students to be responsible for their own learning. This “active engagement” allows students to more readily share, collaborate, and make many of their own choices in order to create the best possible individual learning environment. Since implementation, the students have been more engaged and attentive, with virtually no behavior issues. Following the successful second grade implementation, Cuningham Group was retained to provide a facility master plan for the whole school with implementation of third grade completed in the Fall of 2013 and fourth grade completed in the Fall of 2014.

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